About me

Animation Director

My focus is pushing the quality of animation without compromising the gameplay experience. I pose an equal attention to the technical challenges and the artistic vision of the game.

I have been working in the video games industry for over 15 years and before that I worked as freelancer on TV shows.

I am currently working at Torn Banner Studios as Animation Director.
I have an extensive experience on all aspects of gameplay animation, with a special focus on player 3Cs (Character, Control, Camera).
Some of my main responsibilities include: working in the engine by creating and supporting State Machine Graphs, engine integration, keyframe and Motion Capture animation, developing pipelines for the animation team and communicating with other departments.

AAA Game Credits

∎ Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy
∎ Star Wars Battlefront 2
∎ Mass Effect Andromeda
∎ Dragon Age Inquisition   — GAME OF THE YEAR 2014 —
∎ Mass Effect 3
∎ Mass Effect 2