I have an extensive experience on all aspects of gameplay animation, with a special focus on player 3Cs (Character, Control, Camera).
Some of my main responsibilities include:

✔️ Create and support Blend Trees / State Machine /Animation Graphs systems in the Engine.
✔️ Create Keyframe animations (Maya, Motion Builder, 3ds max, Blender…).
✔️ Integrate animations in the Engine (Unreal, Unity, Dawn, Frostbite).
✔️ R&D
✔️ Provide mentoring for junior, intermediate and senior animators.
✔️ Direct Motion Capture and polish Motion Capture animations.
✔️ Develop efficient pipelines for the animation team.
✔️ Develop new prototype systems.
✔️ Plan and provide estimates to producers, directors and peers.
✔️ Communicate with other departments, especially programming and design.

Here you can find a link to some of the animation work I’ve done over several projects.
Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy.
Star Wars: Battlefront 2.
Mass Effect Andromeda.
Mass Effect3.
Mass Effect 2.